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7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Bikes

Bicycles have been one of the oldest vehicles in human history. This two-wheeled vehicle has been popular for centuries. Even in this modern era, the appeal of bikes remains the same. The pattern and design of modern bikes have undergone various changes. This vehicle also has a rich history of engineering wonders and unique designs. 

You might be surprised that there are many fascinating stories about bikes that most people don’t know about. So here are some of the most interesting facts about bikes that you’ll surely enjoy. If you’re a bike enthusiast, you’ll be amazed by these weird and crazy facts.

1. Cycling Is Faster Than Walking

Well, we know riding a bike can be faster than walking, but how much faster? A study showed that riding a bike at a regular pace can be three times faster than walking. It means that you can reach a distance three times quicker than walking. You can cover the distance even faster if you’re a professional cyclist. But when it comes to being fast, some of the best road bikes can give you an impressive top speed with less effort. 

2. Ancient Bikes Had Different Names

Bicycles have a long history of innovation. People in ancient times also used different versions of bikes. Back then, they were called ‘Velocipedes’. These bikes were pedal-less and had wooden precursors. But in 1818, Baron von Drais designed a modern version of a bicycle with a steerable front wheel. Later on, this bike became quite popular among users. In 1869, the term “bicycle” emerged. 

3. Number of Bikes in the World

Have you ever thought about how many bicycles are out there? Well, we’ve got the answer. It’s estimated that there are around 1 billion bikes in the world. We also know which country has the most number of bikes. Want to guess? The answer is China, as it has about 450 million bicycles. America stands in the second position with 100 million bikes. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 900,000 Americans commute on bikes. But the fun fact is that 86% of the bikes are imported from China! 

To keep up with the demand, around 364,000 bikes are manufactured daily. That means 15,000 bikes are being produced every hour. 

4. Great for Health

One of the major advantages of bikes is that you can use them to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you’re planning to lose some weight, start riding a bike regularly. It’s an ideal way to burn calories. You can burn between 450 to 750 calories by riding a bike for only one hour. It’s also a great option for exercise. Regular cycling can help to improve your circulation. Besides, bikes make physical workouts a lot easier and more enjoyable. Kids can prevent obesity by riding bikes regularly.

Many stationary bikes are used for the sole purpose of the workout. These bikes are getting quite popular as people are becoming more health conscious. Most gyms keep a good amount of exercise bikes to diversify workout sessions. 

5. Bikes in the Netherlands

People of the Netherlands use bikes for their daily commuting. It has become a part of their culture and heritage. In the Netherlands, 30% of trips are made on bikes. From old to young, everyone seems to have their bikes. Riding a bike is also a fun hobby for the Dutch.  

Another interesting fact about the Netherlands is that stealing a bike is common in Amsterdam. Nearly 10,000 reports of bike theft were recorded in 2018. But still, it’s an amazing feeling to enjoy the beautiful roads of Amsterdam while riding your favorite bike. 

6. Inventors of Airplanes Used to Build Bikes

Most of us know the Wright brothers for their generation-defining invention of airplanes. Their creations led us to this modern world. Their designs are considered one of the greatest of mankind. But the Wright brothers had a huge fascination with bikes. 

Orville and Wilbur Wright’s “day job” was to build and repair bicycles. They had a small workshop in Ohio where they earned their living by building bicycles. They made contributions to many cycling inventions. Interestingly, it’s also the same workshop where they invented their first airplane. 

7. Why Women’s Bikes Didn’t Have Crossbars? 

Even in modern times, women’s bikes don’t have horizontal crossbars. We must go back to the 18th century to find the reason. Back then, most women used to wear heavy dresses in western Europe. For their convenience and security, bike makers removed the crossbars from the women’s bikes. The scenario is completely different, but many women’s bikes still follow this trend because of their unique looks. 


Bicycles have been a significant mode of transportation for centuries. There are many exciting and wonderful facts about your two-wheeler friend that you didn’t know before. These above-mentioned fun facts about bikes will surely put a smile on your face. 

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