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Best Free Art Courses Online

February 17, 2020

Are you looking for the best free art courses online? Find different options for both beginners and advanced to perfect your art skills

When we talk about online college homework help for subjects such as art, the internet gives you a wide range of possibilities. You can find many art courses on different websites at great prices and with excellent professionals to get inside those artistic skills that you have hidden to improve in a short time.

Next, we talk about the best free art courses online:

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Art Course?

Before choosing the ideal art course for you, you should consider your current skills, i. e., if you are a beginner or not since all categories have their levels. Also, you must take into account the professional who is offering the course; for example, in the case of literary writing, you can see the or even the paperhelp reviews to know the opinions for the students. It is always worth reviewing or testimonials, and if it doesn’t have this section, you should consider using another service.

If you still have doubts, here we present the best free art courses on the internet so you can find the best one that suits your requirements.

1.- Drawing Classes

Mr. Glenn Vilpu is recognized worldwide for his dedication to university and art schools education. He excels in both videogame and film animations.

In this course, which lasts for six weeks, you will receive classes through video conferencing taught by Vilpu himself; you will learn the best drawing techniques dedicated to those who have never taken drawing classes and, also, for artists who have not had formal training.


2.- Distance Art School

This website is an Art school where you can take remote classes. You will find different drawing figures classes taught in real-time. These classes are taught by renowned artists willing to answer your questions.


3.- Online Art Academy

This excellent website offers courses through videos that have already been recorded and are available to you at any moment of the year. In the videos, you can learn about watercolor and acrylic painting by different professionals. Also, on this website, you will be able to get in direct contact with tutors to receive mentoring.


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4.- Ink Drawing Classes

Renowned Japanese artists, Yuko Shimizu, offers online illustration courses using the essential techniques to create ink drawings. You can learn about the different materials used in this type of art, such as which papers and inks are available for this drawing, and other tips used. Also, learn the various methods of Japanese watercolor brushes.

5.- Mastering Color Classes

Many painting students have trouble getting the correct colors. Therefore, professor Richard Robinson has created a practical course ready to download, where he teaches how we perceive colors and the keys to color relations. The teacher will give you different activities to perform and notes that you can print out. To know if you like this course, you can get an entire chapter at any cost. Also, anyone can be part of the art class.

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6.- Painting in Canvas

Were you looking for an abstract painting course? Then, this is your place. This painting course will give all the necessary instructions for you to take out the creativity you have inside your head. You can create and experiment from a new point of view.

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