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How Casino Interior Influences on Behavior: Top 5 Examples in Canada

Did you know that 2021 statistics put the value of the gambling industry at a staggering $200 billion and has been estimated to grow to $458 billion in the near future? The Canadian industry is also booming as Canadian casinos with $1 deposit have been estimated to be worth around $12 billion. With enough said about the attractiveness of the industry, how then do land-based establishments or Canadian casino sites drive traffic and influence people to gamble? The world of psychology seems to have come to an agreement that the design, architecture, and ambience no doubt influence gaming behaviour.

In 2012, Professor Karen Finlay of the University of Guelph decided to study the reason why the gambling and lottery industry raked in more than $6 billion in revenue for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. The study found that casinos used mesmerising interior designs that not only lures gamers to play but also keep them coming back.

The Psychology of Casino Design Explained

As an industry that derives most of its revenue from responsible and problem gamers, the industry players needed to devise a way to ensure that its players are kept within the confines of the space for as long as they can spend. They knew that there must first be an environment that people want to stay in.

To do this, interior designers directed their attention toward the first inlet into the subconscious mind of the gambler. Beautiful architecture, colour effects and transition, interior décor, furniture, and lighting were the means to achieve that aim.

For instance, Karen sampled 484 gamblers and studied the lighting, layout symmetry, human crowding, and overall playground interior décor. This led her to the result that they use interior and structural designs to attract and keep gamblers to game and stay longer in the room.

How to Create the Best Interior Design

To keep gamers in the spell, gaming houses are rumoured to have no clocks. They only possess veiled windows, which work to make the people inside lose track of time while they are confined inside the precinct.

Bill Friedman is a professor at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas who has grown his reputation as a design consultant. He noted that the quality of its games or packages doesn’t give a competitive edge over others gambling houses. The professor’s study focuses on something less conventional – strategic interior design. Friedman reached this conclusion after studying over eighty gambling houses and hotels in Nevada. What makes his conclusion even more reliable and accurate is the fact that he used to be a problem gamer himself.

Instructively, Freidman’s findings which he codified in his book, noted that places with successful designs are those that optimise every bit of space and leave out no aspect of design. Therefore, to create the perfect interior design, the following rules must be followed.

How These Rules Apply to Canadian Sites

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Despite having their business on the web, they must optimise the gaming interface and design to give the gamers the best experience. Friedman’s design principles can be summarised as follows:

  • Low ceilings
  • More gaming machines, fewer spaces
  • Labyrinth designs
  • Themed designs

Compact is Better

The ideal interior must be compact and congested with gaming machines and images, not possessing wide and empty passageways. Instead, adopt a maze or labyrinth layout. This design will ensure that visitors are funnelled through compact passageways as they move around the house and that they come in close proximity to gaming equipment while doing so. The plan is to increase the chances that a visitor can be converted to a player in the shortest possible time.

Similarly, the best websites adopt a compact application interface to parade their online slots and mobile slots to the faces of their online visitors. Canadian casino sites employed this principle to the best effect to make people spend their real money.

Place Popular Gaming Machines at a Central Position

Canadian casino sites (particularly the best online casino), and land-based gaming houses have learned to place the most popular gaming machines at the visitor’s port of entry. Similarly, the gaming machines must be strategically arranged so that the games and packages with the most traffic are placed in central spots. Displaying gambling equipment and bonus offers (e.g. no deposit bonus) as the interior décor of walls of the passageways will prove more effective than using minimalist designs or random colours and designs.

A close analogy to explain this is to use the gambling scene in the 2015 movie ‘Focus’ starring Will Smith as a problem gambler who, after losing his stakes many times, pulled the martingale gambling strategy on his opponent. He kept doubling his wager until his opponent picked the exact number that had been impressed on his subconscious all day.

Structural designers are, therefore, of the opinion that once a person gets on the floor, the more they are exposed to images of equipment, free spins, free slot games, bonuses, like dollar deposit casinos have, and other mouthwatering packages, the more inclined they will be to gamble with their real money.

Use Opulent Designs

It goes without saying that gambling houses must be designed in such a way that the visitor feels like he is in some premium environment. This is done by using sophisticated decoration and interior materials like:

  • Exotic fittings
  • Classy furniture
  • Themed decorations
  • Flamboyant resources

The endgame of this display of opulence is to stimulate the visuals of the visitors into believing that they are in a special zone, a place where they can spend their real money. For Canadian casino sites, the trick is to display attractive offers (like a no deposit bonus) and rewards to the visitor to make them spend their real money.

Creating the Home Appeal

The interior design of land-based game centres and Canadian casino sites are optimised in such a way that makes the visitor think he is home (or that he is in some bubble) and, as such, sees no reason to leave. This is where having no clock hanging on the wall and preferring low ceilings come in.

Exploring Lights and Colors to Best Effect

Since designing an interior is aimed at appealing to the visuals, it is, therefore, important to choose a blend of colours and lighting that will do just that. To achieve this, you’ll need:

  • Colors like velvet are better;
  • Commanding shades of red and light yellow;
  • Chandeliers are a hack;
  • Luxurious lamps.

To quote Professor Karen again, “these establishments have lots of light…They make you feel comfortable, of course, but they also constantly remind you to have fun”.

Traditional Design vs. Modern Design

The debate of traditional design versus modern design of casinos is one that has been around for many years. Each side has its own merits, and there is no clear consensus as to which is better. That’s why we created a table comparing the two approaches so that you can make your own decision.

S/NFeatureTraditional DesignModern Design
1WindowsTraditional gambling houses deliberately left out windows in order to block off natural lights. This works to keep gamers unaware of the sense of time.Most Canadian centres now consider electricity power costs and are willing to let in some natural light in order to reduce their energy consumption.
2FloorsTraditional gaming houses’ floors were large and spacious with gaming machines spaced out for ease of movement.Modern Canadian gaming houses and Canadian casino sites have adopted Friedman’s principle, which seeks to utilise every bit of space.
3Maze StructureMaze-structured gaming houses are as old as time.Modern gaming houses that have not deviated much from the design concept.
4ColorsGaming houses have always utilised colours and effects.Not much has changed in this aspect, as colours, bright ones indeed, are still a huge feature of gambling houses.

Top 5 Examples of Casinos With the Best Interior Designs

Canadian gambling houses are not left behind in their quest to put up some of the best designs with other exclusive add-ons like world-class entertainment, exquisite cuisines, and spa treatment, among others.

Here are our top picks of the top 5 gambling establishments with the best interior designs in Canada:

  1. Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino
  2. Casino de Montreal
  3. Mohawk Game Center
  4. Casino du Lac-Leamy
  5. Fallsview Casino Resort

Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino

Despite offering only a little more than 80 table games – considerably fewer than its competitors on the same echelon – Caesars boasts of an exquisite all-around experience, thanks to its alluring array of attractive interior design. This has earned it the Casino of the Year award for a record 18 consecutive years by Casino Player Magazine.

Caesar Windsor Hotel & Casino offers more than 700 luxury rooms, a pool, fantastic restaurants, and the famous sports bar, which hosts a state-of-the-art jumbo HD screen to keep visitors glued to the screen. Did I forget to include the benefit of a thrilling night out at The Colosseum with its legendary live performances, which keep visitors enchanted within the house?

With all this and the strategic location – sitting on the shore of Lake Erie and bordering the banks of the Detroit River – it is no doubt that much has been put into the design of the best casino in Canada.

Casino de Montreal

Located in Quebec, Casino de Montreal is one of Canada’s oldest and biggest gambling establishments that boasts well over 18,000 visitors daily. Since much is already known about its clout and reputation, let’s take a look at its design.

The first cynosure for any visitor is the Montreal-themed lighting which is conspicuously vibrant, giving the interior a personality of a golden enclave. The dazzling lighting scheme and the impeccable structural designs have earned Casino de Montreal accolades like the cream of modern architectural designs and the future of architecture.

Mohawk Game Centre

The beauty of Mohawk Game Centre lies in its dazzling interior design. It would seem that the designers paid great attention to the tiniest details ranging from the designs of the staircases, down to the beautiful carpet flooring and the strategic arrangement of gaming machines, down to the unreserved display of exotic artworks. In its most sublime form, the design can be likened to an enchanted bubble.

Casino du Lac-Leamy

Also located in Quebec, Casino du Lac-Leamy’s interior design can be mentioned in the same breath as the very best in Canada. From the grand floor, which has a horseshoe-themed design, to the hundreds of luxurious and gorgeous chandeliers to the walls, which display the finest tapestries and paintings, Casino du Lac-Leamy is an artistic representation of opulence and sophistication.

Fallsview Casino Resort

What about one of Canada’s finest casinos located in Niagara Falls? Designed by Moncur Design Associates and Ulster—designers of the iconic Caesars Windsor Casino, the interior of the Fallsview Casino is a surreal experience for visitors.

The design includes beautifully crafted, colourful, and vibrant floral designs and bespoke carpets to give off a hypnotic effect and invite visitors to engage in all its activities. Talk of opulence and charm, and there you have Fallsview gambling house.


Whether land-based gambling companies or their modern online variant, one thing is clear, interior design (or, in the case of online games: an appealing interface) is a major game changer in getting ahead of the competition.