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Launch Your Career To The Sky With These 9 Core Skills Validated By CompTIA A+ Certification

Without any qualms, it can be said that CompTIA is one of the leading certification vendors in the information technology world. It is also trusted to offer some of the best, vendor-neutral IT certificates out there. As such, there’s no doubting the fact that the entry-level CompTIA A+ credential is your best bet if you’re looking to start a career in IT or even boost an existing one at its early stage.

How Do You Earn the CompTIA A+ Badge?

For you to finally attain the CompTIA A+ qualification, you will have to pass two exams (220-1001 and 220-1002) which will cost you $232 per each. These tests will qualify you as regards certain fundamental knowledge and skills in relation to data, security, etc., and will involve a variety of 90 questions that you have to be through within 90 minutes. The main advantage is that you can choose the format of the exam, online or in-person at the testing center.

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Now, What Expertise Do You Master and Validate with the CompTIA A+ Credential?

Indeed, for the two CompTIA A+ exams, you will have to prove that you have adequate expertise in a number of core IT aspects. Thus, the concerned CompTIA A+ domains are briefly discussed below:

  • Hardware

As the name implies, your expertise as regards handling hardware components is paramount here. As such, by getting CompTIA A+ certified, you’ll become validated as one who can identify, use, and connect hardware devices and various components.

  • Operating Systems

With the CompTIA A+ credential, you’ll also become a proven specialist regarding the installation and support of Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, and mobile OS. You’ll also get validated in terms of client support, and command line.

  • Software Troubleshooting

When it comes to software troubleshooting too, you can rest assured that your CompTIA A+ qualification will affirm your ability to solve security or related issues that might arise regarding PC and mobile device software.

  • Networking

Think of confirming yourself as having an excellent understanding of TCP/IP, WIFI, SOHO, and other types of networks and connections thanks to the CompTIA A+ accreditation exams.

  • Network & Hardware Troubleshooting

Moreover, the CompTIA A+ badge will also prove that you’re reliably skilled in the troubleshooting of network issues and devices within any organization.

  • Security

The fact of being security savvy is another thing that the CompTIA A+ credential will help you affirm. Specifically, you’ll be validated as a specialist in guarding against security issues that might arise regarding devices alongside their network connections.

  • Mobile Devices

If you want to prove yourself as a sufficiently savvy specialist in the installation and configuration of laptops and various mobile devices, then you should know that this concerned CompTIA designation is still your best bet.

  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization 

Furthermore, with the CompTIA A+ certificate under your belt, your knowledge of cloud computing concepts, as well as client-side virtualization will be validated. And you know cloud computing is especially growing more and more among businesses, don’t you?

  • Operational Procedures

Last but not least, you’ll as well be proven as one who has learned to follow best practices at all times, especially as regards safety, communication, environmental impacts, and professionalism.


As you can see, the CompTIA A+ badge is clearly a goldmine, as it helps to present you as an IT specialist with all the top, in-demand skills relevant for the best opportunities out there. Little wonder CompTIA A+ is endorsed and used by top companies like Ricoh, HP, Dell, and more. Go for it!