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The U$E of Parental Alienation in Family Court Serves the Best Interest of Professionals Not Children

In Family Court, Parental Alienation is applied, which assumes mothers and children lie more often than fathers.

It assumes a woman cannot forget her children and will have compassion. As a result, she will fight, and those with financial incentives can beat her. Make the mother the quarry, and she will die game. Parental alienation is the hunters’ tool.

Some mothers make false accusations and seek to ruin the father. But the financial incentive is better either way, if the hunters find the mother guilty of alienation, not the father of abuse.

Many court-appointed experts are needed when the judgment is parental alienation.

Experts are available to solve the problems of parental alienation

The incentive ignores credible abuse claims, dismissing them as children’s antics and paranoia of disturbed mothers.

According to Richard Gardner, only court-ordered professionals can judge parental alienation, billing by the hour. One finding of PA can earn a team hundreds of thousands of dollars – in some cases, more than a million if the family has assets.

Fail to find PA, and there is often an open and shut case of custody and visitation, often 50-50. No need for experts.

No need for the guardian ad litem, the custody evaluator, the family therapist, the therapist for the father, the mother, for each of the children, the psychiatrist to prescribe medications for the traumatized children, the parent coaching expert, the visitation supervisor, the reunification therapist and specialists to give second and third opinions.

The experts know what to look for and how to solve the problem

The trick of PA is to assume the harm of parental alienation from the father is worse for children than losing their mother.

The most humane thing is remove the mother from the lives of children, followed by years of therapy.

PA gets professionals involved in place of the mother.

And lawyers make money as the desperate mother fights to return her children to her own house. The trick of bagging the quarry is she will make mistakes. The experts label this as mental disorder, and point to her not obeying the court as they make court conditions in the worst interest of the children.

The GAL serves the best interest of her children 

PA is the slow, deliberate hunting of the mother. Part of the hunt is to disable her, make her unstable.

Her parental aleination syndrome may never be cured, they say, but they can cure the children by removing her.

Richard Gardner never admitted PA alienated healthy mothers from children and gave them to abusers. To maintain PA, he required the infallibility of the therapist and the GAL. Children and mothers lie; fathers are honest. And therapists are never wrong when they identify PA.

The GAL recommends a custody evaluator who determines if there is parental alienation 

He never admitted children suffer lifelong trauma from losing mothers. He taught the memory of mother fades from dim and feeble sight. Joy and grief are mingled in the cup, but there will be no bitter tears: the grief softens, loses all character of pain as children forget mothers in time.

Dr. Gardner and followers do not think a child’s half-formed consciousness can hold such feelings long, of loving a mother, being comforted by her, this will not remain in some remote and distant time in their hearts or in their minds.

As the mother comforted them once, the therapist can comfort in the future – and the psychiatrist with drugs.

Psychiatrists are needed to employ pharmaceuticals 

Yes, there are mothers who falsely accuse and coach their children. Some children lie about their father to keep their mother close.

PA presumes mothers and children are lying, and children will not be traumatized by losing their mother.

It assumes the PA cure is not worse than the disease of PA.

But PA is a criminal conspiracy. Court professionals collude to find it. Imagine if prosecutors were paid more if a defendant was found innocent, rather than guilty.

If a mother or child accuses the father, the lawyers, the GAL, and therapists make more if they find the father innocent and the mother alienating.

Zealous lawyers guide their clients with attention to billing results.

The conspiracy begins with attorneys. They know without PA they will wrap up their case with minimal billing.

If they stoke the flames, a fight by the hour, if they are outraged by the other attorney of how she condones what the other parent is doing. Stoked on both sides. They will make far more.

A family law attorney in one case will be a family law attorney in another or perhaps a GAL. They switch positions. They know each other, and rather than outrage, they line their pockets and laugh in their sleeves. They want your fight. They want the advantage of parental alienation. They have but one goal.

The lawyer recommends the fair and impartial GAL

The lawyer recommends one way to solve the dispute between parents – a fair impartial GAL. This is the lie “fair and impartial.”

The GAL an attorney who bills by the hour will bill more hours if she suspects parental alienation. She will require a custody evaluator, who will find parental alienation, and who recommends therapists.

The therapists will find PA and support therapy, as they all agree – as if they consulted – the parental alienation is severe.

More therapy, more court intervention, more hours for lawyers and the GAL. Then comes visitation supervisors, for mothers can no longer be trusted with children they gave birth to and raised. She might alienate the children more.

The system requires cooperation. Attorneys and therapists together ensure maximum rewards. They know it. No one has to be told. They know where bread is buttered; they have grown fat from butter.

PA is required to make their living. They understand. Gardner gave unto them – a man who made his living protecting fathers sexually abusing their children.

The therapist knows best

The family law attorneys develop a network, therapists, custody evaluators, experts who understand Gardner is their livelihood as is their referrals. Take away PA, you take away their living in the business they have chosen.

In the ordinary world, we would recognize them as thieves. But they come in fancy garb and titles. The guardian ad litem, the custody evaluator, the court-ordered therapist, the psychologist, the social worker, the psychiatrist, the attorney at law.

They believe in parental alienation and it justifies the removal of a parent from a child.

The tears of children are not to find their way into their souls. Their hearts are waterproof. Their blood ice, their hearts iron.

To do a great right – taking care of their own families, to put their kids through college, to have fine homes, vacations and elegant cars driven to fine restaurants and retirement savings, they do a little wrong – to someone else’s family – while pretending to serve the best interest of children.

Mothers seem especially troubled by the unexpected robbery. The professionals count on this. They know mothers think there is justice in court – that professionals will protect them from abusive spouses.

Mothers do not understand the work of the court is done not in the courtroom. The judge rubber stamps. The GAL advises, basing recommendations on experts, the custody evaluator, the therapist.

The court will not hear the plea of the mother who disputes the experts.

The mother is shocked, then stunned then desperate as all is taken.
Parental alienation is found not only to lose her her children, but her share of the marital assets.

Possession is all 10 points of the law in family court.

Mothers think it is the established custom of courts to transact business at noon and make appointments with justice. It is done in darkness. Like a thief in the night, and even if someone tapped the phones of the legion of swine, they would not hear collusion. The swine knows in advance what he will devour and doesn’t need to say it.

Judges know too. They are comfortable with them who appear before them and flatter and cajole, and offer goodies and fight for their reappointment and when they retire – offer cozy nests at little law firms with little work.

The judge understands both butter and bread.

Midnight has come upon the family court. The courthouse, the lawyer’s office, the therapist, the madhouse for the mother: the custody evaluator with her written tests, and the rigid face of the traumatized mother losing her children, and the cries of children: midnight was upon them all.

Let tears fall, and broken words exchange on the cold record buttressed by experts all in accord.

Anyone who reads transcripts and the findings of experts in agreement will conclude their accord was not preplanned for their enrichment.

Let children forget the embrace of their mother. Let them be orphans, so lawyers and therapists might triumph.

There will be a gathering of experts, professionals to help