yaswanth nukasani 4 step valuation method

Yaswanth Nukasani’s 4-Step Value Restoration Method

As a successful serial entrepreneur and nonfiction author, Yaswanth Nukasani has thrived by finding better ways of serving various markets. 

As the owner of Once Upon a Brick, Nukasani has made it possible for more people to own land by identifying vacant properties and offering generous financing to buyers. 

Nukasani is also the author of Clothing Brand Playbook, a successful guide to starting a clothing brand from the ground up. 

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Nukasani’s 4-step value restoration method, a process that can be applied to many different industries. Nukasani himself has used this method as a way to offer high-quality goods on the secondary market at affordable prices.     

We sat down with Nukasani to discuss the method in detail and come to an understanding of just how versatile the method can be. 

Welcome. First, can you introduce your 4-step value restoration method?

The 4-step value restoration method consists of finding the supply, repackaging, restoring, and staying under market value.

Can this process be applied to just about any industry?

Yes, it can, I have used this method to sell high-quality goods to customers on the secondary market at affordable prices.

In what ways have you implemented this process so far?

I have used this method in many ways, and across many sectors, for example, we used this in our fashion brand, our LEGO Recycling business, our current land investment company, and so on.

Is there a particular step that tends to be especially challenging or time-consuming?

I think finding the supply that meets your buying criteria to make a deal work is the particular step that tends to be challenging.

What are some of the biggest benefits of this process to business owners?

The bigger benefit of this method to business owners is gaining a massive COMPETITIVE advantage over their competitors. It gives them the ability to stand out.

On the other side of things, what are the benefits for the customer?

This benefits customers massively because they are getting the best product for the best prices which helps the consumer always be the winner.

Do you currently have plans to apply this process to an upcoming business venture?

There are many plans we have for the future to apply this 4-step value restoration method across many industries but for now, we want to stay laser-focused on growing what we are already working on.