"The Mask" 90X100 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2019
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International artist Olan Wolf (Vladimir Vopilin) – changes the soul of the world with modern tips

Vladimir Vopilin (artistic name – Olan Wolf) is a famous Contemporary artist, presented in USA, UAE, Qatar, Italy, Spain, Iran His work is focused on oil on canvas, pencil, acrylic, graffiti, digital/illustration, NFT, tattoo, oil drawing on fabrics and cloth. His style is called “Art without borders,” with the key message: “beauty and art will save the world.”

Olan Wolf is not alone in this belief. The entire cultural community has jumped into action to keep bringing art into our lives. Museums have launched social media campaigns, drawing on their collections for moments of inspiration, hope and even a touch of relief through humor; art fairs are opening virtual showrooms; artists are starting digital community projects; musicians are live streaming concerts from their living rooms; educators are bringing art classes online and the list continues.

This modern artist presents a big variety of art trends, focusing in all spheres: including his own techniques for contemporary art development. Mr. Vladimir Vopilin wrote his own book: “Contemporary art as a way of life.” The talented artist shares his methods of art therapy, new approaches and styles in art and much more.

Olan Wolf illustrates modern society, analyzing current crises and collapses, looking for solutions by means of art. His paintings are inspired by dreams. He believes that your dreams show the connection between conscious and unconscious lives. In Olan’s painting this connection is represented by golden needles that penetrate the canvas and form unusual patterns. This is the path by which your thoughts and figures go in order to enter a dream.

These accomplishments are a testament to his talent and dedication to art, and we wanted to learn more. We reached out to Mr. Olan Wolf for a quick interview and a behind-the-scenes look at these high-profile art performances.

Your artistic style called “without borders, how do those figures and pictures come from outside your head? How do they get in there?

OW: Did you know that everything you see in your dreams is a distorted representation of what you experience in real life. That is why we can say that those figures, emotions and pictures get into our head through sense organs. In one of my paintings, I focus on the eye. An eye. But I prefer to call it “a lens”- one of the portals that connect the real world with our soul. Another important detail often used by me is wings. I use them while dreaming to fly from one idea to another. At the same time, they look rather bulky and mysterious. This is a sign that no matter how much time you spend interpreting your dreams, this is a waste of time, as all the pictures in your head fly like free birds, hardly ever you’ll be able to catch them. I believe that painting is a language that does not always need verbal support. Indeed, it is “lost in color to be in the light.” This is my recipe for achieving harmony, which I proudly offer to others as a new point of view for reflection.

Tell us about your book and artistic techniques?

OW: My book “Contemporary art as a way of life” shows that incredible outpouring has proven that human creativity is perhaps the most resilient in times of crisis. Even as we face unprecedented challenges and fears in this century, the show must, and will, go on. Amid this overwhelming situation, art can be the one thing that offers us solace and peace. This time also allows us to view art in a completely new way. As we search for inspiration to lighten our days, the digital world opens up to us, offering moments of serendipity, curiosities, learnings and exchanges that we may not have discovered before. These new circumstances make us think of Kairos, the Ancient Greek concept of time that speaks of an opportune or decisive moment. While we cannot physically attend cultural spaces, we can still seize this moment to find art that will heal us, and in doing so become the curators of our own experience. To that end, this book is aimed to keep bringing beauty and peace into your lives through initiatives to stay engaged and provide moments of calm, reprieve and also joy. These include digital experiences of our permanent collection and exhibitions, education materials and e-learning tools for families, online access and more.

You were a judge at International Beauty Contests, tell us more about it?

OW: Being an expert in art and fashion I am often invited as a judge for Beauty contests. I was part of the judging panel in Dubai, UAE in 2021 – beauty pageant Mr. and Mrs. UAE International UAE and later in 2023 another competition: Miss Florida US Nation 2023 in Florida, USA. As a result, I contributed to the visual evaluation with very interesting suggestions for the team of judges. I provided constructive criticism to help the contestants improve their overall presentation and aesthetic appeal. My feedback helped to focus on areas such as makeup application, styling, body language, and stage presence.

You are a member of the International Luxury Association – Ambassador Club in Dubai (UAE), what did you bring into it?

OW: I was chosen as a member of an advisory board in art and Brand Ambassador for the International Association in the Middle East: Ambassadors Club as an extraordinary person and talented artist, especially well known in the Middle East. I have shown extraordinary abilities and achievements in contemporary art, such as awards in the nomination “Unique new contemporary approaches in art” Louvre Abu Dhabi (UAE) – competition: “Louver Abu Dhabi Art Here Exhibition 2021, The Richard Mille Art Prize”, 2021-2022. I truly believe that Art can be a true force of healing; an opportunity to center your mind, escape into your imagination and calm your soul. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to step away from the stress of it all and give ourselves a reprieve. You can find out about my plans in instagram @olanwolf www.olanwolf.com

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