More than 30 lawsuits and counting: If he’s so smart and honest, why does Raniere always sue – and does he never win?

This is just a preliminary list of the lawsuits that Raniere – and his various minions and companies – have been involved in over the years. But Vanguard has been involved in more than 30 lawsuits and in later posts, we will show how and why he lost almost every one….

Just ask yourself: How many lawsuits have you ever been involved in – you who are not nearly so ethical or smart as Master Raniere?

  1. New York State v. Consumers’ Buyline
  2. Helen Rhodes Et Al v Consumers’ Buyline – Class-action lawsuit
  3. Arkansas v Consumers’ Buyline
  4. Virginia v Consumers’ Buyline
  5. Raniere v. Natalie – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  6. Salzman v. Natalie – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  7. Keeffe v. Natalie – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  8. NXIVM v. Rick Ross Et Al
  9. NXIVM v. Sutton – A spin-off from the Ross case
  10. NXIVM v. Interfor  – A spin-off from the Rick Ross case
  11. NXIVM v. John Hochman –  A spin-off from the Rick Ross case
  12. NXIVM Et Al v. O’Hara
  13. Bronfman v. O’Hara – Intervention in bankruptcy case)
  14. NXIVM v. Metroland
  15. People v. O’Hara – Albany County Criminal Case
  16. Sitrick and Company Inc. v. NXIVM Corporation – Unpaid bill
  17. Salzman v. Continental Airlines – Lost computer
  18. Bronfman v. O’Hara – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  19. Precision v. Plyam Et Al
  20. Bronfman v. Yuri Plyam – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  21. Bronfman v. Plyam – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  22. NXIVM v. Dones – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  23. NXIVM v. Woolhouse – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  24. NXIVM v. Bouchey – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  25. NXIVM v. Bouchey – NYS Supreme Court
  26. Bronfman v. Bouchey – NYS Supreme Court
  27. NXIVM v. Bouchey – California SLAM case
  28. Bronfman v. Parlato – NYS Supreme Court
  29. NXIVM v. Canaprobe – Montreal, CA
  30. NXIVM v. Natalie Et Al – Civil Computer Trespass Case
  31. People v. Natalie Et Al – Criminal Computer Trespass Case
  32. Law Firms v. NXIVM – For unpaid bills
  33. Raniere v Keeffe
  34. Raniere v. Microsoft
  35. Raniere v. AT&T

Believe it or not, there are more lawsuits than the ones on this list.  And there are also various complaints that Raniere and his cohorts have filed against his “enemies” with a variety of federal and state agencies to force them to go through various administrative hearings.

Just like we did with the posts regarding the 50+ members of DOS, we will be supplementing this post over the course of the next week.  And the additional information will show how Raniere screwed up every case at some point in time – which resulted in a loss or no collected judgments.

No one really knows how much money Raniere has wasted trying to inflict harm upon his “enemies” but a conservative estimate is that it exceeds $50 million.

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  • This guy is a clown. I was a fan of Kristin Kreuk for many years, and knew about her cult involvement back in the 2007 time frame and posted on a few of her fan forums that this cult was bad news, and tried to rationally argue against it. When the James Odato article in the Times Union was published back in February 2012, I said to myself “I told you so”, and thought it was the end of NXIVM. But the sheep kept following and now it is mid 2017 and you still have people like Allison Mack in denial, still quoting useless platitudes on her twitter account and website, supporting this snake oil salesman as her “mentor” to the point of accepting near genital branding and 500-800 restricted calorie diets. This is what happens when you lose sight of traditional values. It becomes a case of the blind leading the blind.

  • Kristin Keeffe is the only woman ever successfully impregnated by Raniere. Allegedly. (Unless he is almost sterile, one would expect dozens of mini-Vanguards and Vanguardettes in Clifton Park. What woman would not have a birth-control “accident” to bear the Golden Child?)

    But the official position has always been that the child was adopted by the late Barbara Jeske from a single mother who died in childbirth, to be raised by Keeffe and/or Rainbow Cultural Garden.

    Was Raniere vs Keeffe a child custody suit? So Raniere admitted he was the father and she was the mother?

    If not, what was the basis for the suit?