The Knife of Aristotle seems to have deleted its Facebook account.

It seems probable that Raniere-world has taken note of the comments on Frank Report that Facebook is too skilled at social networking, and will always recognize what Is linked back to Raniere-world. That has become a liability since Raniere-world is now indelibly linked to blackmail, slavery, and genital branding.

On the non-Facebook web, the Knife of Aristotle is still present at this writing.  But after on-line Paste Magazine recognized that the Knife was a front for Raniere’s cult ( https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/05/the-knife-of-aristotle-isnt-just-a-fake-fake-news.html ) the contributors list page (a who’s who of Raniere-world insiders) was deleted, and only the cognoscenti will recognize insider’s names from the remaining testimonials.
An amusing sidelight:  “The Knife of Aristotle” is a metaphor about function.  The function of a knife is to cut efficiently.  The knife metaphor is introduced in Book 1 of Aritsotle’s “Politics.”  According to

Aristotle says that men and women are disposed such that men are the natural leaders while women are naturally subservient, similar to the relationship between master and slave.  On his understanding one must rule and another must be subject, the former belonging to intellect and the master while the body and the slave represent the subservient element.

Additionally, as part of promoting this argument, Aristotle says that things are made by nature so as to be distinct (and presumably complementary).

Therefore the feminine and the slavish are distinguished (for Nature makes no such thing as the blacksmiths make the Delphic knife, in need of something, but Nature makes one thing for one thing.  For in this way each tool will turn out most splendidly, not serving many functions but one)

In other words, “Knife of Aristotle” is linked to women naturally having status as slaves.  Raniere leaves these clues around thinking no one will connect the dots….

The old Url was

So the Facebook account name was “theknifeofaristotle”


DId the Knife of Aristotle commit seppuku on Facebook?

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It seems to be getting harder to see what it is – now that its Facebook page is down.
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