“Tubby” Raniere uses hands to make his points on all levels —

In this video published on You Tube entitled Keith Raniere’s Personal Evolution 

Mr. Raniere uses his hands quite liberally. Watch the entire video to capture the whole hand gesture essence, but here are a few stills, with our [admittedly] guesses at what he means by them:


I look at you and have one hand over the other.
I look away and hold my hands fingers interlocking.
I look away further, fingers interlocking shifting with me.
I look at you still fingers interlocked.
Now I use my right hand fingers to point at you as I SMILE oh so sincerely.
I match your hand gestures.




And bring you back to my control.



I am so earnest.

Don’t I make sense? [gesture #43]
I look away to express great virtue [gesture #62]
Ear pull, a great favorite – makes me look natural [gest. #26]
The [half asleep] thinker
The [wide awake] thinker

The loquacious philosopher.

The passionate tiger. [gesture #41]
The mind blowing leopard [gesture #38]
The happy goombah [gesture #76]
Serious student [gesture #6]
Off on an “orange tangent” [because I’m so lovable; gesture #9]
I ponder all things [gesture #11]
look-a- me [gesture #27]
Now you see me [gesture # 17]
Ooh gee, what will I think of next? [gesture #45]
Profundis [gesture #3]

Gotcha by the tail {gesture #7]

Sweet me [gesture #10]
Calm as a clam [even if I am a bit tubbier than the women I am starving – gesture # 118]

God I don’t practice what I preach. Look at my tubby belly. (Goyles, make sure you don’t eat more than 800 calories.)
Pay attention to my hands, not my fat belly, goyles.
I look away meaningfully
If i weren’t so tubby this would work better – but pay attention to the hands not the flabby belly!
Now look at what I have to say, brilliant me!
If only I weren’t so fat in the belly, this chick would believe every word I say. Look at my hands. my pretty dearie! See the back of my hand! While I gaze into your eyes.
Oh Profundis calculatus!

I’t about me. [gesture #4]
Now to close the deal [gesture #8]

Sympathetic me. Someone you can trust.
No one can comprehend this. It’s beyond the sonar universe.
Way out there…. where no woman has gone before.
Come to papa.
Look over here [gesture #201]
Gesture #211
Space cadet. [Gesture #98]
Back to earth. Am I getting too old to fool young girls? Pretty soon, they are going to start laughing at me, I think.

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  • I urge the “author” of the piece to seek psychiatric attention as soon as possible

  • Wow I didn’t expect that! But in response to this strange river of toxic thoughts; Grace Park is a peer and not an animal. Do not slander her.

    The way you write….well, it sounds like you are drowning and I feel very bad for you as your tangent has all the markings of a hypnotized follower.

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I hope you get out and I hope you find happiness in a real reality and find, in you, a real love for yourself.

    Please hear this; Just because people say things doesn’t make it true. Question everything.

    Be well. Be safe. I love you, whom ever you are,

  • V is a scam artist; a huckster; a snake oil salesman; a charlatan; a fraud; an imposter; a quack; a con artist; a fake; a pretender; a mountebank; a sham.

    The only reason NXIVM/ESP/dozens of other shell corporations still exist is because of billionaire money and secrecy.

  • No you need to wake up. Vanguard loves us. He is mentoring me and I have been invited on more than one occasion to learn from him right on Hale. I don’t know who you are that you talk so big. But were you ever in Hale? Did he ever mentor you personally ? Is that why your jealous? I hate this evil Parlato man and what he is doing to V. Stop READING this site! I know it is a free country but shall we be free to allow people to desecrate the greatest living man in the world? Ask yourself this question all of you Benedect Female Arnold’s. You have hurt V so badly. But some of us stand by him and we always will for he loves us as even our family and husbands and children even our mother never loved us and he cares only for our welfare and every day this rotten man This Mr. Parlato continues his evil. Someone should invite him to Mexico and hope he rots there!!!! I will personally send him a ticket. Meantime the best thing you women who are Reading this can do is stop reading it. You know V and P don’t want you to read this. And you know who you are. Don’t hurt V. Talk to P. Get an EM. This site shall not destroy us. Remember the joy we all had. This is for the sisters who know who they are. Stop reading. Stop being defiant. India please your mother is pure evil. Kathy this is wrong. Karen can be trusted. I am speaking to you without letting others know. We love him. They will all come back. Liz Kim. Ask R. L. She would not mislead anyone. Ask L. Her too. Please please do not let us fight. V is saddened. He does not want you to know how much he suffers for our sins. You hurt him when you read this. Please do not sneak. do not make A or me check your computer history. We know when you are reading this because of your defiance. Why do you question his wisdom. He has led you to greatness so far. Grace Park is an animal. She agreed to everything and women must keep their word. Diane your mother is a moronic soul. Ask S. he knows ask V. V even said he would mentor you if that’s what it takes I can’t believe you are so selfish. The pigs who quit should be treated as such. Stop this filth. Stop t at once. !!!!

  • Keep up the reporting Frank. More people stand with you then against.

    To Mont Blu- WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

  • This arrogant display of what you think Vanguard is thinking is warped and sick. You are an evil evil man Mr. Parlato. Vanguard never did anything to hurt anyone. Nancy told us not to read this because it will destroy our internal representation of Vanguard. And I do feel guilty reading it. But someone has to stand up to the great evil monster Frank Parlato. You wicked scum. You don’t deserve to walk on the same footpath as Vanguard. Evil man. Please everyone stop reading his site it is all lies.