Part 1: A Slave Women Speaks Out

This is an on the record interview with a slave woman of DOS.

She agreed to speak provided I did not use her name.


Frank Report: Are women allowed to leave DOS?

DOS Slave: No. Not really. A cover up is going on right now. They have changed things in the past few weeks. Now they are telling women, “if they want to leave, they can” and they say that was always their policy. But they still keep the collateral.

FR: What other changes are there?

DS: All of us who are enrollers have a hard time finding people in Albany. Just look at the internet. That’s why Keith keeps making up new names of companies. Our reputation is tarnished.

FR: Can somebody leave DOS and stay in ESP?

DS: They are saying DOS is just an exercise. It’s not real blackmail, it’s collateral. So they say, “yes,” sure. But I don’t know if anybody who gets out of DOS will want to stay in ESP. But some people are offered more money if they stay in ESP. One of the hardest things is to continually keep coming up with new collateral. I mean after awhile they don’t want more nude photos. They want stuff against your family, your boyfriend, husband  or other financial stuff. What Keith didn’t consider is people have a limited amount of collateral they can give. And the pressure to give new collateral every month is harder than people realize. Especially since nude pictures aren’t always acceptable. The making up stuff about how your husband is a child abuser and stuff like that I don’t think every woman is going to do even if they say they won’t ever release it. I mean it’s wrong.

FR: What do they tell women that makes DOS sound appealing.

DS: It’s extra coaching and training. Normally, you have to pay for coaching and instruction. Here you get this free. You are coached in what you have to do every day. And you know what you have to do every week and every month.  It’s sold as “love.”  And the master- slave relationship is going to be the most loving relationship you ever had with somebody you care about for the rest of your life. It is like a lifetime master slave commitment but it’s not sexual or lesbian. The problem is it can be  very abusive.

They sell it as a path of love then it turns into this aggressive plan which teaches women need to be humiliated because they never get humiliated when they’re growing up like men do.

DOS is founded on the principle that a woman will commit to being a slave for life to Keith Raniere


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