Why Do So Many Nurses Enjoy Their Job

While it’s clear there are thousands of nurses around the world that wished they never bothered getting into the industry, there are more people who love working in health care. Many of the negatives that come with the job often put people off from pursuing a career in nursing, but there are many positives that make it worthwhile. If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse in the future, have a look at some of the benefits you’ll receive below.

Job Satisfaction

Nursing is a hugely satisfying job. If you aren’t helping an elderly person take their medication you’ll find yourself working with children with ill health. It’s great to make a difference in the world and being a nurse allows many people to do just that.

There isn’t any other job out there that can make you feel great about yourself once you’ve finished your shift. You will often leave the working environment with a smile on your face knowing you’ve helped so many people in one day.

Nurse helping senior with medication


You’ll not only work one on one with many patients every day but you’ll also interact with family and friends of those patients. You will often be appreciated for the work you do and that will leave you grinning with pride.


No two days are the same in nursing and that is one of the main reasons why nurses love their jobs – it gives them the variety to mix up their weeks. Many other jobs in different industries consist of the same work every day and often push employees into looking at other career paths.

Career Progression

Once a nurse is experienced and has worked in the field for years, demanding work doesn’t go unnoticed. The main benefit of being a nurse is that the sky is the limit in terms of career progression, so you can go as far as you like depending on how ambitious you are.

Develop Personal Skills

As a nurse, you’ll develop your personal skills every day. Even those that have been serving the industry for decades are still learning more about themselves and are developing their skills further. Nursing is a never-ending learning curve and it’s a career that will give you a chance to thrive.

Those that have gained their nurse practitioner doctorate degree will still be able to develop their skills further thanks to the best DNP programs online. If you love learning new things you will hugely benefit from a career in the healthcare industry that can give you so much joy.

Small group studying and discussing a medical history

It’s not hard to see why so many nurses hate the job. Unsociable working hours, not the best salary in the world, tiring days, emotionally draining are just some of the negatives that often come with the job. However, when you look at all the benefits, it certainly outweighs the negatives so if you are thinking about a career in health care, give it a go and you’ll see why so many others enjoy what they do for a living.