Leaked: Rare audio of Raniere addressing followers, speaks of gender, death and suicide

This under-three minute audio provides a glimpse into the world of Keith Raniere never seen, or in this case, ‘heard’,  by those not in his cult.

This was leaked to me, the original possessor to the audio, gave it to someone, who then leaked it to me.

The actual date and place of the Raniere address is not known to me. It is believed to be a Jness class.

Perhaps one of our readers can better identify it.

The topic seems to be gender and suicide and death are mentioned.


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Frank Parlato


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  • It’s my last name Luke..first name is Rose… for all you know, that might be true. Is Luke your real name ? I think it’s funny when someone calls someone else paranoid, as though they actually think they have knowledge of that person’s life. Do you think have some special powers that allow you to know if someone is really harassing me? And I’m not a rich Bronfman bitch , so I don’t have money for a lawyer.

  • Come on! I thought you were smarter. Of course is a fake email. Or Flowers is a real name? Again. Take a chill pill.

  • Who’s paranoid here Luke? You’re the one who made a new email address when I mentioned it to Frank. Haha
    Now THAT’S funny !!
    What does everyone else think? Is Luke afraid of Big bad Flowers, the woman trapped in a men’s body? You know Luke….you might be right , because I have no dick but I do have rather large tits. …just like your Vandaddy does. He’s supposed to be a man, right?.

  • Take a chill pill.
    Don’t be cheap and hire a lawyer or take a ESP Intensive and stop being so paranoic.

  • And I am angry Luke. Very, very angry. I was up late last night exchanging emails with your hired asshole, Kent The pervert. This hideously ugly POS is a liar who made a fake FB page for someone I know, and he’s so fucking stupid he used the same gmail account to create the fake page as his real page. Then the idiot hacked me with some kind of spyware and he screwed up both fb profiles. You know anything about this , Luke? Since you’re the computer guy, right?

  • Quit being a fucking moron Luke. You support people who are abusive!?!?! WTF!??! You support people who are sending me death threats and making fake FB profiles for people and terrorizing me!?
    Cuz that’s exactly what the people connected to them have done to me.
    For the record, I have no involvement with them and never have . I am bring terrorized by these people just because they they are criminals trying to cover up their criminal activity .
    So fuck off.

  • Franky. Sends us more audios. Dude, I can’t be in all of the forums. Audio + Transcript, if is not a lot to ask. Like the last time with the Forum in VWeek. You rock my world Frank.

  • Are you part of the Parlato Cult too? You seem to be really pationate about it. And angry.
    One of my theories is that Parlato is a friend of Keith, and he actually helps espread Keith’s ideas. I mean, I have learnt a lot of things through this report.

  • Intelligent? LMAO.

    There was nothing but unfounded claims spewed in that audio about women. Women are indulgent and men exhibit parsimony with it? Is that why VanDouche can’t keep his dick in his pants and engages in polyamory?

    Are your fucking retarded Luke? Because you sure sound like it.

  • By good I mean intelligent remarks, of course. My friend Flowers, it is an open forum, I support my fellow journey men/women in ESP. Or should we hear just one side of the topic?

    Or this Is the Parlato Cult? I’m wondering….

  • By “good stuff” do you mean intelligent remarks or incriminating evidence, Luke?(who is probably Kent)
    Anyways, very tired of your stupidity Luke. Time for you to F off.

  • Basically, he’s saying women are self-indulgent whereas men are not. Men are also carrying a higher purpose, the implication being women are not. But it’s OK to be indulgent sometimes because if you aren’t indulgent with food or sleep, you’ll die. He’s using the term in a wrong way because indulgence typically has a connotation of excessive that goes along with it. Regardless, the point is women need to cut back on their indulgence – hence the 500-800 calorie diets, lack of sleep, discipline, etc., of DOS – whereas it’s OK for men to indulge because they’re already self-limiting by nature. Thus, the idea of his women sleeping only with him, while he can “indulge” himself with many women. My guess is he saw his mother’s excessive alcohol abuse, how she possibly treated him while she was inebriated, and over-indulgence, then generalized it to all women. In other words, even he can’t extract himself from the habitual disintegrating thought patterns of his own childhood which Rational Inquiry is supposed to rectify.

    It really is utter bullocks.

    This presumes that what he is saying he really believes and he isn’t just going off, which considering the source, is a possibility.

  • Keith’s teachings and actions track very closely with what one might expect from a man who had been sexually abused by his mother. This word salad babble only reinforces that notion.

  • Total gibberish and world salad. Is this what the graduates of Rainbow Cultural Garden will sound like?

  • He makes no sense. None of what he says in the entire time he’s mouth is moving does he say anything profound. I did hear suicide mission. Is that code for “I’ve had people killed”?

    Master Vanguard is so very creepy. Who should play him in the movie?

  • Where are the Dads? I see more Moms fighting to save their children.

  • Raniere’s parents split up when he was in grade school. His mother had custody. She was a dance instructor, and reportedly an alcoholic. Raniere attended a private high school, probably too expensive for his mother to pay for, presumably paid for by child support from his father. Raniere’s mother died soon after he graduated from high school, and may have been in ill-health for some years previously.

    This recording just reeks of misogyny and mother issues.

  • And, let me indulge myself you tool by seeing you in an orange fucking jumpsuit very soon. Or we can just go with plan B. Ok Amigo, time to turn him over to the dad’s that have been waiting for him. I think they have a brand with their initials on it, all of them.