Part 1: Leaked SOP audios: Raniere: Breaking up is harder on a man than a woman

‘Luke’ makes regular comments on Frank Report.

He writes:

One of my theories is that Parlato is a friend of Keith, and he actually helps spread Keith’s ideas. I mean, I have learnt a lot of things through this report….
Franky. Sends us more audios. Dude, I can’t be in all of the forums. Audio + Transcript, if is not a lot to ask. Like the last time with the Forum in V-Week. You rock my world Frank.

Luke, I am happy to oblige a fan and a friend …. Hope this audio helps you and Keith and others thirsting for the wisdom of the Vanguard . It is from a Society of Protectors Weekend.

Keith Raniere: Breaking up harder on a man than a woman




Luke when you are done with the above video, may I recommend you give a listen to the video below:



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  • Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made
    or did you download it from somewhere? A design like
    yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog shine.
    Please let me know where you got your design. With thanks

  • Yes, the amount misogyny is amazing. This is where Luke learned his philosophy, from his enlightened Vandaddy. Which explains why Luke believes I am trapped in a man’s body, because he must think any woman who stands up to a man is not a real woman. … Isn’t that right, Luke?

  • Yes, your last comment to this thread WAS quite clever, Luke. And it almost made sense.
    Well…I’m sure if I were drunk it would make perfect sense. Keep up the good work.

  • So if women have such an easy time getting laid (by a man), then that same amount of men are getting lucky too. Kind of blows Keith’s whole thesis out of the water.

  • Scare? Why? Could you explain me more? I don’t have the same chronic paranoia that your have.
    My mistake, I thought that I was communicating me with clever people. My mistake. It is not your fault to be stupid. Lukethecultguy? Lukethecult? Really? I get caught!

  • Luke. …its similar to the SCGguy email address. What did I say about that one before….? .. oh yeah. .. that it stood for Satanic Cult Guy. Remember that? .
    Good times, Luke, good times.

  • I wonder why Luke changed the email address he uses to post. So weird.. .any ideas why he did that, Frank,?
    Anyways, Luke the liar, I wonder why you think I’m “a woman trapped in a men body”.. as you phrased it. Lol
    Is this the kind of “good stuff” your Vandaddy taught you?. Please; share a few more words of wisdom with us all. We could use a laugh.

    Frank, do you think he got scared when he saw my last post about giving you all his known email addresses? Maybe that’s why he changed to a new address? Or do we have a new and improved “Luke”?

  • By the way, thank you for being a loyal fan and remember most of my comments. For the record, I don’t remember any cr…p that you wrote. I just remember your name. And I always thing that you must be a woman trapped in a men body, flowers.

  • My mom is death, unfortunately. But I have two sisters, I hope they could get invited. They are smart enough to not let themselves branded, not like Sarah. Not so smart. People with weak mind.

  • My friend Flowers. I don’t know him, I have been in forums, Intensives. Albany has Forrest, I like that. Landscape. In fact, funny enough, I don’t If I have share this with you guys. This Report makes me take ESP Intensives. In my country I don’t have access to Centers. So thanks Franky.

  • Luke, I’m still waiting for your mama for DOS. You knows it’s for her best, don’t you son? She will be personally mine and the highest beside Allison and a couple others.
    Being her to Albany soon, Nancy awaits her.
    May the force be with me, as with you.

  • In an earlier post, Luke, you said you didn’t know Keith. You sure are defending him now though….and admitting now to visiting Albany. Funny how the story keeps changing.

  • – NOBODY on planet earth takes breakups worse than Keith.
    – Toni IS going on talk shows and it’s been 17 years since she dumped Vanguard.
    – I bet Keith plays pool like he sprints – awkward and pretend.
    – When Keith’s friends get dumped by their girlfriends, I doubt they are confiding in the chubby master hypnotist their girl left them for.
    – When Keith goes out for a beer with his friend, does the friend pay the bill due to that darn reoccurring commodities market thing?

  • Exactly. We all know who has Faith, and who wants to shut up Faith. Lol
    You know what I mean “Luke”.
    Hey….I wonder if I gave Frank a list of all of Kent’s known email addresses if he could identify comments made by him. Or are you not so stupid as to post here with those addresses.

  • Mmm old stuff. You can do better Frank. In a couple of visits to Albany, I have more sensible material than you, and I don’t have a web of holy supporters as you have. Any way, I appreciate your efforts to please me, you disappointed me again. You are kind of rusty, out of new things to make up.

  • “Demon” sex drive? I don’t know what that is. The sex drive is natural and exists in both men and women. Men are more easily aroused and can have it more, whereas women tend to have slow burn for it and have it qualitatively better, e.g., multiple and whole body orgasms, presuming they have a good lover.

    Women can get laid easier than men because most men are easy. Men don’t have to worry about a commitment due to an unforeseen pregnancy – which isn’t as a big of a deal today for women due to a lack of ostracism for liberal morals, birth control, abortion, and the suppression of the natural reversion that most women would feel upon terminating their child. However, their “evolution”, or how they were made, depending upon your perspective, still reinforces their social psyche and how they behave.

    He sounds like an MRA activist in terms of a subtle anger and his presentation. But there is some truth in what he says. Men and women are obviously different. They were meant to be. But it’s wrong to generalize and say women have it easier than men when it comes to the result of a break up. He sounds like he’s speaking from a “frat-boy” perspective. Yeah, women can get laid easier if they want to, but women generally don’t go out there to just get laid. Therefore, it’s simply unfounded to say that they take breakups easier than men.

  • Whoever leaked this, let me say well done. If you are taking requests, it would be great to have a video montage of the amount of times Keith (aka the small dick douchebag, aka Perverted Uncle Keith, aka Garden Gnome, aka Vanguard the Vagrant) talks about ejaculating on women’s faces in the course. As I recall it’s four times to six times. But a video montage of that sure would be sweet.

    It’s time to go full out. Release everything. Those still involved in ESP aren’t going to be able to strike back given the media exposure and the high level of authorities looking to take them down.

    Who has access to videos, paperwork, etc? Release it all. We all went through sociopath training. Time to destroy all the rules that they put before us.