British surgeon who branded patients’ livers with his initials pleaded guilty to assault

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Simon Bramhall branded his initials on the livers of his patients under anesthesia.

A British surgeon, Simon Bramhall, 53, pleaded guilty in Birmingham Crown Court this month to two counts of assault by beating after he used an electric beam — typically used to seal blood vessels — to mark “SB” into a man’s and woman’s livers during their transplant operations in 2013, according to the Telegraph.

Liver surgeons use an argon beam to stop livers bleeding, but can also use the beam to burn the surface of the liver to sketch out the area of an operation.

It is usually not harmful and the marks would normally fade. But the female patient’s liver did not heal normally and the initials were found in a follow-up operation.

Bramhall will be sentenced on January 12.

Both patients had been under anesthetic when Bramhall put his initials on their livers.

Bramhall was a liver, spleen and pancreatic surgeon who worked at the liver unit within the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, West Midlands, for 12 years. He made headlines in 2010 after he performed a lifesaving transplant operation for a patient with a liver that was recovered from a private plane crash in Birmingham.

The offence of assault by beating was brought against Bramhall to reflect the act of marking the liver. He did not physically “beat” either patient.

Bramhall was suspended from the hospital in late 2013 following the discovery of the liver brandingBramhall was reinstated in April 2014, pending an investigation, but then resigned from the hospital in May 2014, he said because of stress-induced illness, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Prosecutors said the case was “highly unusual and complex” and so far was “without legal precedent in criminal law,” according to the Telegraph.

Bramhall told the BBC he made “a mistake” branding livers with his initials.

Crown Prosecution Service specialist prosecutor Elizabeth Reid called Bramhall a “respected surgeon” who abused his power.

“It was intentional application of unlawful force to a patient whilst anesthetized,” she said, according to the Telegraph.

The General Medical Council issued a warning to Bramhall, the Guardian reported. It is not clear if his name be removed as a registration physician.

Dr. Danielle Roberts branded women’s groins with Keith Raniere’s initials without anesthesia.

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  • It’s completely unethical to brand anyone’s initials into another person’s flesh — with or without the slave’s written consent. Regardless, Dr. Danielle has absolutely no qualms about breaching ethics. If NXIVM – in all it’s aspects – is ever declared a cult by authorities and proven to be operating illegal schemes and other fraudulent practices, along with practicing slavery, which is also illegal – then she will go to prison right alongside Keith. The only ones who will likely escape relatively unscathed and go free after trial are the Bronfman Bitches – and them only because of their family and their fortune.

  • Team Sarah E (sarah and those who were branded and left) need to band together and file assault charges against Danielle Roberts and Lauren Salzman or their respective slave master who was more than likely present at the time of branding. Keith needs to be named too.. Same for Team Jenn K. those members who were wired up and shown snuff films need to file charges against Brandon Roberts.

    File a law suit for civil damages. At this point who cares if money is won. Its the principle of the thing and to insure these two never practice any form of legitimate medicine again.

    Time to go on the offensive and attack NXIVM in the same arena they go after their opponents the court of law.
    As Susan Dones has said they have no fucking clue and will not want to be put on the stand.

  • Some years ago, Dr. Zarkin, an OB/GYN surgeon at Beth Israel Hospital was fired for carving his initials AZ into a woman’s abdomen.