McMurray to attend gun control forum while Collins continues to label and refuse students

From the McMurray Campaign:

(LEWISTON, NY, April 6, 2018) Yesterday, Christopher Collins took to the airways to claim the gun control forum scheduled for this Saturday is a “trap” and that the children organizing it have to bear the label of “radical partisan.”

His opponent, Nate McMurray says, “I met these kids. Let’s remember, they are kids. And to not only deny their invitation, but to deny it in such a mean-spirited way is disheartening, especially for a Congressman. It reminds me of the awful way some citizens were labeled “deplorables” during the last presidential election. Further, McMurray adds, “Name calling and broad labels is not how elected officials should be treating constituents, especially kids.”

As part of the interview, Collins was asked if he would attend if Nate McMurray refused to do so. Collins answered, “That’s a hypothetical.” McMurray responds, “I would be happy to stay home if it meant we would have Mr. Collins present. The forum will be stronger if we have a broad spectrum of representation. We also need accountability.”

Collins also said that the forum would be an anti-second amendment “circus.” McMurray again denied this saying, “I will stand up there and say boldly that I support the second amendment. Mr. Collins’s crystal ball is broken. But like these kids and most of the rest of America, we need reasonable legislation and processes in place to stop more children from dying.”


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