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NXIVM's Keith Raniere
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Former MDC Inmate claims: Alleged sex-slaver Keith Raniere ‘very likely’ to be raped in prison

Three print copies of the NY Daily News is delivered daily to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn where Keith Raniere is being held  on pre-trial detention, on charges of sex-trafficking.T

No judge this side of Hades has been willing to grant him bail.

A feature story in the Daily News appeared on Sunday explaining the charges and much more on this cult leader, sex-trafficker, money launderer and pedophile pyramid schemer. And then there are the really bad things he’s done.

According to a former inmate, the story about him will be avidly read among the 1400 inmates because Raniere is one of the most famous among them.  {I know I was once hired as his publicist and though he fired me I continued to promote him through this website and elsewhere – as I assumed he wanted me to do – i.e. get out the truth.]

The former inmate of MDC also said he thinks there is a 60 percent chance Raniere has been raped.

“It is very likely it has happened already [Raniere has been there almost a week] and almost certain it will happen soon,” he said. “And there is an 80 percent chance he has been beaten. Punked you might say. He will get so’locked, where an inmate will take one of the locker locks and put it in a sock and hit him.  It is no laughing matter. A guy like Raniere is not going to do well there. And when they find out he raped Mexican women it will go very bad for him.”

tubby raniere
Athletic: Keith Raniere claims he was once East Coast Judo Champion – when he was 11 or 12 – and when he was a teen he tied the record for  New York State’s fastest 100 yard dash.

Based on reports of his branding women and raping girls, he may not be invited to have a seat at any dining table and have to eat meals in his cell.

Because he is in pre-trial detention, he cannot qualify for a prison job. He will remain in his cell block 24/7 except for occasional trips to the library where he can check out a maximum two books per visit. His next court appearance – where he will be led out handcuffed and shackled – is April 27.

It is believed he has access to commissary, and if supporters put money into his account, he can buy items and use them to trade with prisoners for protection.

Keith Raniere has posed questions about women who are raped and of children statutorily raped. He said that some women had orgasms when they are raped. And of children having sex, who enjoy it, he remarks it is not necessarily wrong. Raniere, as has been reported, has had sex with a  12 year old, according to his victim.

Prison rapes is as wrong as rape anywhere else. However, if Raniere is raped – will he argue it is not rape, if he has an orgasm? It is he who says there are no ultimate victims.

He also teaches that a man marks a woman as his property if he ejaculates on her. He owns many women, he believes. Some prisoners who are not normally gay, become ‘gay for the stay.”  If a prisoner ejaculates on Raniere, would that mean Raniere is his property?

These and many other subtle questions will be explored by Raniere sometime between now and when he leaves prison – which by all accounts will be not in the foreseeable future.