Raniere told NXIVM sex slave followers, media, he tied state record for 100 yard dash!

Keith Raniere – who is facing federal charges of sex trafficking for operating a cult with actress Allison Mack – has told people, including his home town newspaper the Albany Times Union, that, as a teen, he “tied with the state record for the 100 yard-dash”.
Raniere, born in 1960, became a teen in 1972.  He stopped being one by 1980.  The New York Sportswriters reference lists all NYS High School state champions from 1972 onward for outdoor track.  1977 was the last year the 100 yard dash was run. It then became the 100 meter.  Nowhere is Keith Raniere listed.
Here are the winners for state record.
 NYSPHSAA boys outdoor track championships1972
100 yards — Dave Meyer (Berner-8) :09.8
100 yards — Neil Green (Millbook-1) :09.8
100 yards — Willie Smith (Uniondale-8) :09.6
100 yards — Keith Broughton (Williamsville North-6) :09.9
100 yards — Adley Raboy (Maine-Endwell-4) :09.7
100 yards — Ed Vincze (Wheatley-8) :09.6
100 meters — Brian Denman (Boys-PSAL) :10.5
100 meters — Mark McMillian (Corning East-5) :10.6
100 meters — George Nicholas (St. Joe’s-CHSAA) :10.83
100 meters – Bryant Littlejohn (Buffalo Turner-CHSAA) :10.6
It’s possible when Raniere says he tied the state record in the 100 yard dash, he meant he timed himself at home and found it tied with true record holders.
According to federal charges he lied and schemed to deceive women in his cult. He may have been lying about being one of the world’s fastest men.
So here’s a shout out to you, Keith– while in prison – if you have some time – could you forward proof of your tying the state record in the 100 yard dash?