Rosa Laura Junco
Rosa Laura Junco
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NXIVM’s Raniere Says Billionaire Will Kill Him

Former NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere, has written a document alleging that billionaire Mexican media mogul, Alejandro Junco, wants to have him killed.

Former NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere, has written a document alleging that billionaire media mogul, Alejandro Junco, the owner of leading Mexican newspapers including El Norte and Reforma, wants to have him killed.

Raniere’s handwritten document says the following:

“A billionaire media mogul from Mexico, whom I know well (whose daughter was a leader in my organization), promised to spend and do whatever it took to imprison me for the rest of my life, and probably kill me. Here I am.”

Raniere’s letter says that Junco, whose daughter was a prominent member of NXIVM, promised to do whatever it took to imprison and kill him. Junco’s daughter, Rosa Laura Junco, was a DOS master and reputed keeper of the DOS collateral.

Frank Parlato said the media businessman mentioned in the letter is clearly Junco.

“Most likely, he is referring to Alejandro Junco, who had a hand in his capture in Mexico, and I believe Mr. Junco tried very hard to have his daughter separated from NXIVM,” Parlato said in a recent television interview.

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As a Mexican father who wields enormous influence in Mexico, Junco is not a friend to Raniere.

Junco struggled to get his daughter to leave NXIVM, even while battling serious health issues.

On top of that, an email read at Raniere’s trial suggests Rosa Laura offered her teenage daughter, Lauris, up as a sexual partner for the then- 58-year-old Raniere.

Alejandro Junco would be at the top of the list if anyone had the motive and means to get rid of Keith Raniere.

The question that must be asked is: why would Junco wait until now?

Rosa Laura Junco
Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of Alejandro and a former married slave of Keith.

While Junco had a hand in Raniere’s capture in Mexico, the question is why he would wait until now. It is suggested that there were opportunities before Raniere was captured, and Junco could have had him offed then while still in Mexico.

Once Raniere was in US custody, there was ample opportunity to have him taken care of while in BOP custody. Raniere is currently serving a 120-year sentence for sex trafficking, racketeering, and other crimes.

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