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Part 3: The Harmon Wilfred Matter: Clinton Foundation CIA Covert Corruption; A whiff of Clinton

Harmon Wilfred and wife, Carolyn Dare-Wilfred.


In telling the story of Harmon Wilfred, I make no claim that it is truthful or untruthful. I’m merely recounting what Wilfred claims. Later we will get into other sources. This is the story Harmon Wilfred tells.


He was born in Akron, Ohio, and honorably discharged from the US Air Force in 1973. He completed a Bachelor of Science in business with majors in Marketing and Finance at Akron University in 1976.  In 1977, he obtained employment with IBM in Denver, Colorado, as a sales and financial specialist focusing on the banking sector.

In 1982, he started a commercial real estate business in Denver. He owned over 320,000 square feet of commercial buildings. By late 1988, his properties were being foreclosed.  Wilfred worked out deals with lenders and managed to sell or transfer his properties without penalty – except for one, a vacant office building. The loan was assumed by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), a newly formed US government entity, mandated to take over failed US Savings and Loan debt and sell the loans.

Wilfred tried to work out a deal with RTC on his last property in default – offering 50 cents on the dollar. He was unsuccessful. He learned that RTC was buying debt and selling $100M blocks of loans (including his) at 10 cents on the dollar to “shell corporations.” He claimed the deals were corrupt and the shell companies were owned by, among others, members of congress and government officials, including William Jefferson and Hillary Rodham Clinton (White Water scandal).

Wilfred filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of taxpayers, acting Pro Se, against the RTC and the buyers.  The suit was accepted by US Federal Court. His story was featured in the Denver Post. He appeared on CBS TV and a Washington DC talk show called “Scams Across America”.

The case was dismissed.


Judge Joyce Steinhardt


In February 1989, his wife, Sandra, left him. She took their one-year old son, Tyler, with her.  She filed for divorce.

In 1990, just before trial, Wilfred’s attorney died. He was denied a request for adjournment. The presiding judge, Joyce Steinhardt, head judge for the Colorado 18th judicial district, told Wilfred he could represent himself, or the case would commence without him. He arrived at the hearing in June. He announced he would not participate in the divorce trial but was there to take notes. He was held in contempt and jailed. The case proceeded with him seated in the courtroom in belly chains and handcuffs. He continued to refuse to participate.

Wilfred believes the judge felt he was unstable based on the fact that he had become a Charismatic Christian with a belief in “the spiritual gift of praying in tongues.” During the trial, the judge openly mocked his religion, daily asking him, ‘Mr. Wilfred, what is Jesus telling you to do today?’

On the sixth day, Judge Steinhardt released him. Her final judgement included the removal of his rights as a father, including his right to see his son unless he committed himself to a psychiatric institution for at least one year. Wilfred refused.

Wilfred filed suit, Pro Se, against the judge and the 18th judicial district in federal court for violation of his civil rights. He filed a formal complaint against Judge Steinhart with the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline.

The federal suit was dismissed, along with his complaint against Steinhardt.  He found out later that Steinhardt was on the board of the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline and did not recuse herself for the decision concerning herself.

Former El Paso County [Colorado] DA, now Colorado Springs Mayor, John Suthers

In Dec. 1991, Wilfred married Dearna Garcia. They lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. By 1993 they had two children.

Wilfred worked with Paragon Properties Ltd., a local real estate firm, to provide management on behalf of their client, the El Paso [Colorado] County Pension Fund. The County Pension Fund purchased distressed properties that required leasing and construction services.

Wilfred discovered the El PAso County Pension Fund purchased properties from the same group of companies related to the RTC loan sales he had previously sued. Upon further investigation, he found that millions of dollars were being embezzled by the Pension Fund manager, Michael Witty, with kickbacks to his employer, Paragon.

He reported this to the El Paso County District Attorney, John Suthers, “only to find that DA Suthers was also involved,” Wilfred said.

Wilfred reported the crime to the State Attorney General, who directed him to the FBI. Before the FBI could investigate, DA Suthers (currently Mayor of Colorado Springs) announced his own investigation. Witty confessed and was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Subsequently, DA Suthers, as prosecutor, and as an employee of El Paso County, was found to be in conflict. Witty’s sentence was commuted. Witty was released from prison after three years. The millions Witty embezzled were never recovered.

Wilfred then established his own real estate brokerage and investment business on the [early] internet and began to offer financial services globally. He gained experience dealing with European private trusts out of Credit Suisse and Lichtenstein banks.


In 1996, Wilfred was contacted by Michael Austin from Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss property in the Bahamas. Austin told Wilfred he was a CIA operative and offered him an opportunity to be a financial contractor for the CIA, dealing with international bank certificates of commercial obligation written on the Mitsubishi Bank of Japan. The certificates were dated from the late 1960’s.

The CIA had obtained 11 of a total of 35 of these bank notes, originally issued to Central American governments, and wanted to transact them privately to purportedly fund humanitarian projects. The first note had a value of $6 billion and was to be funded to Guatemala for infrastructure and other related projects to rebuild after recent, devastating hurricanes.

Wilfred accepted the opportunity. He traveled to Zurich, Switzerland in June 1996 to meet with a trust representative.  The first note was faxed and examined by the trust, and the transaction was accepted.  Due to the magnitude of the transaction, it was agreed to introduce the opportunity to a second trust. The Vatican agreed to coordinate the humanitarian effort through the Archbishop of Guatemala.

While traveling internationally, he learned his wife, Dearna, was abusing their two children, then aged three and five. He hired a nanny to assist with the children in his absence and to protect their children from abuse. During a trip to Canada, in 1997, to evaluate projects to be funded in China, he learned Dearna fired the nanny and resumed her abuse of the children.

Against his CIA handler’s instructions, he flew back to the US and took physical custody of the children. He returned with them to Canada [where he was assigned].


Meantime, the $6 billion Mitsubishi Bank certificate, dated from the late 1960’s, was verified through the Swiss Bank of International Settlement and the Central Bank of Japan, including curating the note to confirm its date authenticity, as well as a detailed history of ownership and all retired interest coupons. The history of the retired interest coupons was of concern to Wilfred. He discovered the coupons had been utilized to fund the illegal Iran Contra Arms deals through CIA backed Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North in the 1980’s. [North had pleaded the Fifth before Congress to avoid revealing details of financing of the operation.]

Wilfred became suspicious of the intended use of these notes. He started asking questions of his CIA handler. He was told the real purpose was to create a covert CIA “bank” for funding CIA black operations outside US Congressional oversight.

Wilfred realized he was helping create a system for “blood money” for assassinations and toppling governments. He refused to participate.  But by this time the system was set up and ready to fund at the US Federal Reserve. Wilfred made no secret that he opposed this.


In the US, his wife, Dearna contacted DA John Suthers. With information on Wilfred’s concerns about his CIA operations, gleaned, but inaccurately, from Dearna, Suthers contacted the US Department of Justice to try to get federal charges filed against Wilfred for securities fraud. The DOJ rejected the securities fraud allegations, but granted Suthers the opportunity to have Wilfred arrested in Canada on family court issues relating to child custody.

Wilfred was arrested in Canada and placed in prison. Canadian police confiscated his brief case with details of the CIA operation, which was copied to DA Suthers. Wilfred was held in custody without bail for 60 days. His children were returned to their mother.

Dearna was granted an ex parte divorce in May 1998 while Wilfred was incarcerated in Canada. Suthers filed for extradition through the US DOJ and obtained an order granting it in June 1998. Wilfred appealed and was released on $600,000 bail (a large sum for family court charges). He married Canadian Carolyn Dare, a co owner of the multi national Dare Foods Company, founded by her father.

They wed in August 1998.


In November 1999, with his children in Colorado and fighting extradition, Wilfred was contacted by President Bill Clinton’s attorney, Gregory Craig, with a request for a meeting in Toronto.

The meeting was attended by Wilfred and his wife, Carolyn.

Craig revealed that President Clinton was involved in setting up the CIA covert bank. To cover up the transaction, the bank note had been declared a fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission and later deemed as “lost”. Wilfred presented documentation that proved the note was authentic.

Craig insisted that Wilfred cease his efforts to expose the deal.  Wilfred said the CIA operation –  even in league with Clinton – was corrupt.

Craig replied, “Of course the system is corrupt. What do you want me to do, Harmon, get them all fired?”

Wilfred said, “Yes!”

Craig said, “My best advice is: Make peace with your government.”

Wilfred insisted his evidence should go to the DOJ.

Craig said if he did that, “You will never see your children again”.

Wilfred later learned the note had been converted to $15 Billion in US Treasuries and the first funding occurred in 1999, the same year the Clinton Foundation was founded.


In May 2000, with a promise of a fair hearing, he agreed to waive the extradition appeal and returned to Colorado to present a motion to dismiss the charges and ensure the safety of his children.  Upon arrival in handcuffs, leg irons and belly chains, he was incarcerated without a hearing in the US Federal Prison in Denver, Colorado.

His arrest violated The Hague Commission extradition treaty between Canada and the US. A Federal Judge dropped all charges and released him after three weeks of incarceration. The file was sealed.

Upon release from federal prison, federal marshals secreted him out the back door while Carolyn was in the front lobby to pick him up. He was unlawfully taken to the Denver city jail and placed in the drug tank for a four-day weekend then to county jail where he was held without charges and without bail.  When taken before a county judge, representing himself, Wilfred informed the court about this unlawful act against the federal order and he was released back to Canada.

In May, 2000, Dearna was granted full custody of their children. Wilfred’s rights as a father were revoked. A restraining order was issued to disable any further contact or visiting rights.

Wilfred believes his family court circumstances were used as retribution by the CIA in Colorado.




In October 2000, he provided a full report to the US DOJ on CIA activity. His Canadian attorney, Alan Gold, requested a full investigation. No action was taken.

In March 2001, the initial funding of $15 billion in US Treasury Bills was verified as transferred into the CIA covert “bank” for funding the first Black Ops assignment.

Wilfred received threatening phone calls to his home in Canada. He believed there was further planned retribution by the CIA.  Wilfred and Carolyn left Ontario and traveled to Vancouver Island. Warned that the CIA was seeking his whereabouts, they left Canada for Hong Kong.

After spending six weeks in a Hong Kong hotel, they were told the CIA discovered they were no longer in Canada. Hong Kong, under Chinese rule, was unsafe.  On June 6, 2001, a key member of the team who participated with Wilfred in the setup of the CIA covert bank confronted the US Treasury in Virginia.  Three days later he suddenly died in an alleged murder-suicide of his entire family.

Wilfred and Carolyn left Hong Kong and arrived in New Zealand on August 11, 2001.  One month after their arrival – on September 11, 2001 –  Carolyn and Wilfred found themselves horrified at the spectacle of the carnage at the US World Trade Center.  On the cusp of his having unwittingly participated in the creation of the CIA/Clinton mega billion dollar black ops “super fund”, Wilfred wondered if the CIA was involved in the 9/11 “terrorism” attack to provoke the American public into supporting a war in Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq, and, ultimately, becoming the global “War on Terror”.


In December 2001, Carolyn persuaded her father to purchase some of her shares in their Dare Foods family business for $5 million [Canadian]. They obtained New Zealand business visas and invested in a new VOIP phone company ITTelenet Ltd.

By 2004 they were established in the NZ business community.

In late 2004, while living in New Zealand, the US consulate refused to return Wilfred’s US passport upon renewal. Fearing for his personal freedom and safety, and to avoid being sent back to the US for further abuse, Wilfred renounced his US citizenship in March 2005.

In 2006, Wilfred requested political asylum from New Zealand under the UN Refugee Convention.

The NZ Refugee Authority denied him protection. He was left stateless and unlawfully in New Zealand with no legal right to work or travel.

In 2007, he filed UN Petition No 1638/2007 for violation of his human rights. The petition was accepted by the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland against Canada, with US collusion in the body of evidence. The US refused to be sued as a defendant stating that “the UNHRC is not competent to take a case against the United States”. The case was dismissed in October 2008.


John Key and Hillary Clinton


Since 2008, Wilfred has received repeated demands by NZ Immigration to leave the country.

In 2011, after a Summit between New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, INZ issued Wilfred an unenforceable deportation order.  Because he is stateless and cannot be employed, he cannot lawfully leave the country or be deported. He was in political limbo.

In September 2015, Carolyn went to Canada on family business. New Zealand Immigration suspended her Canadian visitor visa wavier which prohibited her return. Carolyn’s residency application was declined in May 2016 and a subsequent appeal dismissed.

He suspects that INZ, in cooperation with the CIA, deliberately left Carolyn exiled to lure him offshore.

On May 18, 2017, Wilfred was informed by the Acting General Manager of INZ, Compliance, Risk and Intelligence Services, Stephen Vaughan, that, on the instructions of the Ministers of Justice and Immigration, he must immediately leave the country.  He was advised the only way he can lawfully comply is to file for political asylum for himself and Carolyn against the US, Canada and New Zealand at one or more foreign embassies in Wellington.


Harmon Wilfred presented a proposal to the Vatican Holy See Ambassador.  He implored the New Zealand government to give him the opportunity for his wife and he to reunite and continue to invest and retire in New Zealand. An appeal to the Ombudsman on his deportation case has gone without result for more than three years.

But Wilfred retains in his possession evidence to expose a CIA/Clinton financial infrastructure that unlawfully operates a covert international funding source for global Black Ops operations without Congressional oversight or public accountability. He hopes President Trump will consider looking at his evidence against the Clintons.

Meantime, he is separated from his wife for more than two years and five months.  He lives alone near Christchurch with no right to travel, work or reside legally.  Carolyn is in exile in Germany.

His son with his first wife  is 27 years old. Wilfred has not seen him since he was two. He has not seen his two children with his second wife for over 20 years.  Exiled from family, his current wife, and the country of his birth, Harmon Wilfred lives alone – and, as some say, unlawfully – in South Island, New Zealand.

On Jan. 10, 2018, Wilfred issued the following press release:

Clinton Foundation, REAL Investigation-Urgent Plea For Mercy… ignored! Documented evidence is available to substantiate all claims in this story including but not limited to notebooks, faxes, letters, emails and court documents. Further research on the Harmon Wilfred Story can be accessed on my documentary web site at www.luminadiem.com or contact me at harmon@harmonwilfred.com or Phone: 64-3-968-9603


Stay tuned for Part 4.