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Why Not Pay Politicians to Do What You Want Them to Do?

Why Not Pay Politicians to Do What You Want Them to Do?

by Buck Quigley, Thu Oct. 8, 2pm

The National Review, among others chimed in on President Obama's call to politicize the gun control debate following the recent shooting spree in Oregon. From the article:But ultimately Obama was just paying lip service to an ideal he does not live by....

Artvoice Daily

This Modern World: The Continuing Adventures of The Invisible Hand

This Modern World: The Continuing Adventures of The Invisible Hand

by Greg Mach, Thu Oct. 8, 1pm

Artvoice Daily

Fun and Interesting Guests from the 25th Anniversary Party

Fun and Interesting Guests from the 25th Anniversary Party

by Artvoice Staff, Tue Oct. 6, 2pm

Here's some shots of some of the more fun and interesting guests at the party, including AV's founder and leader, Jamie Moses. See anyone you know?

Artvoice Daily

AV Fashion Fall Trends

AV Fashion Fall Trends

by Artvoice Staff, Mon Oct. 5, 4pm

Metallic inspiration is prevalent this fall. It's a “must have” staple piece in your wardrobe, whether it's a coat, purse, or dress.Coats are always a necessity for us living in the nor...

Artvoice Daily

AV Car Pic of the Day:  The Ratchetmobile

AV Car Pic of the Day: The Ratchetmobile

by Artvoice Staff, Mon Oct. 5, 3pm

Anyone who frequents Virginia Street has surely seen this beauty before. Late '80's Honda Civic Wagon. Some call it custom, some call it crazy. It's a matter of perception really. Clearly a big Bills fan, this vehicle's owner has more than put...

This week in Artvoice, issue v14n40 (Week of Thursday, October 8):

Cover Story

The Sky is Not Falling

by Jamie Moses

There is a gossip storm blowing across social media about Artvoice merging with the Niagara Falls Reporter. On Tuesday I received a call from Dave Adams the owner of Comtel, our VoIP phone provider, asking if it was true Artvoice merged with the Niagara Gazette. Minutes later I received another call congratulating me on selling Artvoice to the Buffalo News.

News Feature

We Here Highly Resolve

by Paul Wolf, ESQ.

In November every member of the Erie County Legislature is up for re-election. Now is an appropriate time to review what actually takes place in the Legislature. Every two weeks Legislators have an open floor to propose new ideas by filing resolutions and proposing local laws.

Theater Review

The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman

by Anthony Chase

The Brazen-Faced Varlets, Buffalo’s valiant and persevering feminist theater group, has moved from Rust Best Books on Allen, to the new Rust Belt Books on Grant Street. The new venue is remarkably similar to the old. The theater space is as intimate, but squarer—and every bit as luxurious (which is to say spare to the point of being Spartan).

Art Scene

In Black and White

by Buck Quigley

Uncanny camera work, you think, looking at the works of Amanda Means currently on view at the Nina Freudenheim Gallery. Then you find out she doesn’t use a camera.

Classical Music Notes

Bach to the Edge

by Jan Jezioro

The Friends of Vienna (FOV) concert on Sunday October 11 at 3:30pm at the Unity Church, 1242 Delaware Avenue features UB colleagues, cellist Jonathan Golove and violinist Yuki Numata Resnick, in a program with a decidedly modern emphasis.

Tap This

Buffalo Beer

by Brian Campbell

Before Community Beer Works and Resurgence Brewing, before Flying Bison even, Buffalo was once a hub, a thriving mecca for brewers and malters alike. With Buffalo currently in the midst of a craft beer renaissance, what better way to look forward than to look back, a tall task accomplished by Buffalo historian Mike Rizzo and CBW’s own Ethan Cox in their collaborative read, Buffalo Beer: The History of Brewing in the Nickel City.

What's Brewing?

Presented by Consumer Beverages

by Willard Brooks and Chris Groves

Nothing says working man more than brown ales. And this one is a tribute to the working men who built the Erie Canal. At nearly six percent this brown ale will warm you up a bit more than most.

Featured Events

See You There!

AV Hit List: Top Event Picks for This Week

Film Review

Time Out of Mind

by Jordan Canahai

At a time when so much of our entertainment is aggressively in your face, subtlety is a rare commodity in commercial filmmaking. But what happens when a filmmaker’s attempts at subtlety becomes overbearing itself?


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Movie Listings (Friday, October 9 - Thursday, October 15

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Get Lit

Scary Stories

by Heather Cook

Matt Higgins and Brian Castner started “Buffalo, Books & Beer” (B3) to provide a literary series that is unique and fun. Buffalo is too often off the beaten path for national authors, and so they wanted to give them a new reason to come this way.

Graphic Traffic

Aliens: Salvation

by Michael Hoffert Jr.

In 1979, the film Alien made space the most terrifying thing in existence.

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

Scientists at North Carolina State and Wake Forest universities have developed a machine that vomits, realistically, enabling the study of “aerosolization” of dangerous norovirus. “Vomiting Larry” can replicate the process of retching, including the pressure at which particles are expelled (which, along with volume and “other vomit metrics,” can teach the extent of the virus’ threat in large populations).


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): If I could give you a birthday present, it would be a map to your future treasure. Do you know which treasure I’m referring to? Think about it as you fall asleep on the next eight nights. I’m sorry I can’t simply provide you with the instructions you’d need to locate it. The cosmic powers tell me you have not yet earned that right.