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5 Most Popular Mustache Styles for Men

What started as a sign of having given up in basic grooming has now turned out pretty cool to men. Since time immemorial, men have always sought ways that would bring out their most manly and enticing side. To enhance their looks, many men decide to grow a mustache as it has a powerful way of accentuating one’s style. 

Scientific research exists, showing that a good number of women are attracted to a well-styled mustache. However, men should note that there are many mustache styles, and it would, therefore, be necessary to select what suits one’s style and face type. There are beard oils, conditioners, wax and beard shampoos to consider, too. Beard butter is used for styling, but don’t forget that it provides positive benefits to your skin too.

Although some styles may give you a classy look, others provide an artistic look. As a result, we have provided the five most popular mustache that you can rock. 

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1. The Dali

This is a mustache that has been popularized by Salvador Dali. If you are attracted to this style, you have to shave the corner of your mouth. While growing it, ensure that you trim it often to have it narrow and pointed. At the end of all your efforts, you will enjoy the attention as it makes one stand out in a crowd of other men. 

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2. Balbo

In the present day, Balbo is one of the most known mustaches among men. One, Robert Downey, rocks this stache in style as it perfectly suits his features. If you look forward to wearing this style, the first step requires you to grow a full beard first. 

This ensures that you will have sufficient hair to shape it. However, do not shave until the beard is fully developed (it takes at least four weeks for full growth).

In the growth of your stache, you need meticulous sculpting. To achieve this precision, you need an excellent razor to get it just perfect. You may also use an electric or disposable razor to work on the side hair. In addition to this, you should have a straight razor to help in shaping the Balbo mustache in style. 

3. English

The English style is a younger version of the Dali mustache. To dress in the stache, you have to grow the hair on the upper lip thick, until it almost covers the lip. In addition to that, ensure that the ends of the stache grow longer and thinner until they resemble whiskers. 

To develop this stache, ensure that you train all your mustache bristles to grow towards the corners of your mouth. If it turns out hard to keep them in shape, use a mustache wax to hold the tips in position.

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4. Handlebar

As the name suggests, this mustache got its name from its resemblance to a bicycle’s handlebar. Although this is a regular stache among men, the trick is to grow long pointed ends that curve upwards. 

Furthermore, the style should be kept at medium length so as to make it visible to others. If you are one of those modern-day hipsters, this style will fit you in all angles. 

To grow this stache, you have to fight off the temptation to cut hairs that are longer than the rest. You will also need to have a mustache wax to ensure that it holds in shape. Moreover, ensure that you have hair shampoo to keep the facial hair and stache clean.

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5. The chevron style mustache

This style gained its popularity in the 80s when Tom Selleck rocked it on TV. The unique thing about this stache is how thick and wide it looks.

The bristles grow to cover the border of the upper lip completely. If this style is your goal, remain patient and let the hair grow thick between the upper lip and your nose. Once the hairs grow to the desired length, you can maintain them by using mustache scissors.  

However, if the growth takes forever, you can make use of grooming products such as oils and creams. These are useful items as they optimize the growth of strands. Nevertheless, ensure that the stache remains natural, and therefore no wax should be applied. 

If the above mustache is done right, they can look good on many faces. One should not have the chance to think through on whether to have this style; they have already been tried and authenticated! 

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