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Buffalo: Where Good Ideas Go to Die

The Buffalo area—no, not just the City—has been in a state of decline for about 55 years. I am 58. No one under 50 around here has grown up in a vibrant...


The Best Drug Store In Town

Your local government high school is often the best drug store in town. Government schools are the key distribution point for illegal drugs in many communities...


Raising the Jury from the Dead

Jurors in this state and throughout the United States are firmly told by judges they must follow the judge’s instructions “on the law,” but in so doing, are...


Tear Down the Skyway?

Eventually, we should move away from expressways inside the city limits and toward arterials with a higher speed limit than 30 mph. Concerns about traffic flow...


A Libertarian View: War of the Words

If a Martian came to earth and watched what the state does when it “regulates,” she might scientifically report that the government just mugged a guy who was...


Trumping the Left

What better topic to introduce my new column in this paper than Trump’s visit to Buffalo Monday night?  So there I was, in the press pen, literally...

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